Dear Lufthansa

Just read today that you folks have problems with your Miles & More program. You thought if you make people use more miles to fly you would easily be able to get your liabilities down. And then your customers started to sue you. That is just not fair!

Airline Lounge in SFOWell, another way to get rid of people and obligations is to work on the service. Old cheese, broken soda dispensers, oddly shaped arm chairs that make your back hurt after 30 minutes of sitting: That will get your lounges empty in now time. And really – your service in the lounges is too good to be true! You don’t believe this works? Just check the setup in the photo that I took in SFO. And guess what – there’s not too many people in here!

So how about the following deal: You don’t de-value our miles, but you cut down on lounge cost. Are you ok with that?

Easter Snow

Last week I was in southern Spain to prepare for the golf season and to take a couple of days off after EclipseCon 2012.

The most discussed topic was the weather: As to be expected the temperature was just between 16 and 20° C, we saw some rain showers and the nights were not as warm as in the mediterranean summer. This is totally in sync with the weather that you can expect at that time of the year, but the complaints were all over the place.

Just not fair, the people said. I have one week of vacation, and then the weather sucks so badly. So the whole resort was full of whining about the luxury problems that the resort’s patron’s. I actually have no complaints. The rainy day we had we took off and spent the better part of the day in Seville. Even on a cloudy afternoon the Alcazar of Seville is worthwhile spending the whole afternoon! And the other days I was working on my golf game, with reasonable success.

And now I’m back home in Germany and went up to Gersfeld for a late Easter celebration with my family. And guess what: It snows! Do I hear complaints?

Gersfeld Calling

Went up to Gersfeld today, it was about time. Have not been there for a month or so. Things look like they are all right, all the holiday apartments are in good shape, a few repairs will have to be made before the season really starts.

For the place in Gartenstrasse we’ll get rid of a big chunk of the veggie garden and build a nice gazebo where our guests can sit outside for breakfast, dinner or a glass of wine in summer. Other than that, we’ll leave things as they are this year.

Booking pipeline looks all-right, would be good to have more foreigners again. I love to show the Rhoen mountains to our guests from abroad.

Garbage Clown

Nice walk in the village today, with the first day of spring-like weather. Only the poor guy in the picture had a bad day.


Looks like I got lucky. Mike just recently told me that he would like me to attend this year’s Open Source Think Tank in Napa Valley. This by itself is already great! What I have heard from others that have attended was very interesting, and the 2012 issue is around topics like OSS user communities that I’m very involved with.

And then I made my flight reservations. And another cool thing happened: Looks like Lufthansa is now using the new A380 on the route from Frankfurt to San Francisco. And I will be on it!

First on A380