Die Pandemie ist da. Und sie bleibt noch einen Moment. Die Schulen machen wieder teilweise dicht. Und die Altenheime. Und wer weiss noch wer sonst. Digitalisierung könnte es richten. Aber das haben wir irgendwie verpennt. Vielleicht wollten wir es auch gar nicht.

Aber jetzt ist das Problem da. Und was passiert? Es hängt in den Schulen an einigen wenigen Lehrern. In den Kindergärten können die Leute nicht an den Videokonferenzen teilnehmen, weil der Computer keine Kamera, kein Mikrofon und nix hat. Er ist wahrscheinlich noch älter als ich.Und das will was heißen!

Jetzt haben wir Hilfe angeboten. Also keine abstrakten zukünftigen Verbesserungen, die über das Wasweissichwasministerium angefordert werden können. Sondern krasse Eigenleistung. Was haben wir gelernt? Das geht zu weit. Keiner will’s wirklich haben. Keiner hat geantwortet.


The sharing economy: Uber will stop ignoring rulings

Just came across an article in a German internet news portal. The headline claims that Uber won’t ignore official rulings anymore. That is an interesting statement. It makes it clear that Uber thought in the past it is above all and everybody. And it leads to another thought: At least here in Germany they had to stop the bullying and behave. I really appreciate that the German cities have started to take a stand and show the Überflieger that the same rules apply to everybody. The Germany manager of Uber, Christian Freese sounds now like the wolf who ate chalk. He even claims that Uber is trying to cooperate with the traditional taxi firms.

UberBlack has been prohibited in Berlin, and UberPop has been prohibited Germany-wide.

And while we talk about it: Berlin has taken a stance and is reclaiming rental space from AirBnB and similar companies. But more on the friends-rent-to-friends companies in a different post.

Some links to recent Uber articles:


So today Greece stopped paying back its debts to the IWF. After a couple of month with the new Greek government the European leaders are fed up with these ‘unprofessional’ people. Everybody, including Junker and almost all of the German political establishment claim that they are annoyed by the behavior of Mr. Tsipras and Mr. Varoufakis and other greek politicians.

The German press makes the right sounds to support these feelings, and a Spiegel poll claims that about 70% of the Germans are ready to dump Greece. Because they didn’t obey and cut down more services, lower pensions and whatever we think might ‘help’ them to become better people.

What makes me wonder about something. In all the discussions and proposals about cutting down one area was never really discussed (at least in public). Greece has even in 2012, while the country was already suffering badly, been buying weapons like crazy. According to Zeit they still wanted Eurofighters, tanks, frigate and other goods for warfare and defense. And you know what? This topic never came up in public discussions.

So cutting down on public health is a good idea. But the military-industrial complex continues to sell to an almost bankrupt country. And the politicians don’t seem to be bothered.

Kind of weird, I thought. Then I though again. Kind of normal.