Grip and Stance

Every year the same problem: As spring comes, the small things in my golf technique are completely off.

What to do? Easy: Go back to Ben Hogan’s ‘The Modern Fundamentals of Golf’ and start reading it again. Work yourself through all the lessons, start looking like an idiot to all your family when you watch TV while practicing your grip. But don’t worry about their remarks: They will be proud of you when you come home with all the bowls from the tournaments you won.

Next steps in your season prep:

  • practice short game in every free minute, beware of breaking to much glas in the house
  • whine in public that you didn’t have a chance to do all the strength training that you had wished to do (and blame your wife, your children and your dog that they didn’t give you the spare time)

This will help you to catch a good season start. If not, contact your local pro and give him some money for changing your swing (again!) based on the current Golf Magazine that he has just read.