Busy Sunday with LinkedIn

So some guy sent me an invitation earlier today. He wanted to add me to his professional network. I actually know him (if I recall it right, so sure thing I agreed! I need friends anyway, or at least professionals connected to me. Not sure which one is better though.

Then for reasons that I cannot explain I continued futzing around with LinkedIn, and after pressing a button here and a button there the system suggested that I should connect to these 190 people (that LinkedIn believes I know or should know). Again, sure thing, I pressed the button.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-01 um 14.17.53About 2 minutes later my iPhone started humming. And it continues humming ever since. About every minute once. And Michael and David and Suzanne and Peter and … they all seem to be online and agree to be me new buddies! Now isn’t this a wonderful result for a rainy Sunday afternoon?

Oh – and just now Christian has agreed to connect with me as well. I’m almost ready to cry!

One thought on “Busy Sunday with LinkedIn

  1. here is Christian…dont cry yet…..:-) I was thinking Ralph now on LinkedIn ?
    Usually people hit me in LinkedIn or Xing when they start looking for a new job. Now that I know the background I am glad you are stay with Eclipse for some time longer.
    We need you there and we also need a friend at Eclipse :-).
    The next funny thing that LinkedIn does is sending around emails that someone confirmed that you know “Java” or “XML” or whatever. (not that I am super excited about that confirmation)
    But now that you are there, you get regular emails from them. 🙂

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